Welcome to the Volvo Ocean Race Official Image Library Help Page


Here you will find a list of help topics that will hopefully answer any queries you may have about the library and provide simple solutions to any difficulties you may be experiencing. You will see that most of the topics covered in this document give a brief overview, followed by a further description of the functions used in that particular area of the library. You can find a Help section for various areas of the site by clicking the Help button in the top right hand corner of the library window you are currently in.


If you need to contact us regarding a query, please email images@volvooceanrace.org.




Topics Covered


  • Overview of the Image Library
  • Registering
  • Categories & Keywords
  • Race Filter
  • Searching for Images
  • Previewing Images
  • Lightboxes
  • Downloading




Overview of the Image library


The Volvo Ocean Race Official Image Library is an online image resource allowing you to search and view images from the current and previous races, download single or multiple image selections and keep up-to-date with all of the action as it happens 24/7. We have structured the library to make it easy for you to search for and download the images that you need via the category headings or the search box facilities. You can also download three different sizes of images tailored for large scale printing, print publications and website use.






You must register for access to the library before you are able to download images. This is a simple process that will only take a couple of minutes. All of the mandatory entry fields are marked with an asterisk. Please do provide us with as much information as possible regarding your intended image usage, as this will speed up the application process and allow you to gain quicker access to the images you need. Whilst your application is being reviewed, you will be able to download a maximum of 5 images from the library.




Categories & Keywords


All of the images in the library have been assigned keywords and put into various categories and subcategories to help you search for the images you need.


  • Categories: The categories are the first level of search that is available to you when you start looking for images. The categories can be found of the Home page and the Browse page. Once a category has been selected, you will be presented with subcategories so you can narrow your search even further.


  • Subcategories: Once a category has been chosen, you will be presented with a series of subcategories that will help you narrow your search for images. If at any stage you wish to return to a previous subcategory, click back along the search trail at the top of the screen.


  • Keywords: All of the keywords that have been assigned to an image can be viewed in an Image Preview window. If you click on the keyword then the library will show search results of all of the images that contain that keyword.




Race Filter


The race filter allows you to choose which race year to search through. You will be able to select from the 2001-2002 race right up to the present 2008-2009 race. Once a filter has been chosen, you will only be able to see images from that particular race. To see the whole archive, select the [No Filtering] option.




Searching for Images



Browsing allows you to click through a series of categories and subcategories, each time narrowing your search until you find the images you need. In order to widen your search again, click back along the categories at the top of the screen.



You can perform a search from the home page by simply entering one or more words into the search field and clicking Go. The library will search for matches in the image caption information and display all of the results, sorting the most relevant to the front.




Advanced Search

The advanced search function allows you to enter values for as many fields as you want in order to narrow down your search results.

If you enter values in more than one of the search criteria fields then the search results will show items that have matching attributes for all fields entered. For example, if you enter Start in the Keywords field and choose 2008-2009 in the Race dropdown, the search results will show all items that contain the keyword Start, from the 2008-2009 race.

To perform a more restricted search, select appropriate categories from the pull-down category list, and add them to the category window by clicking Add. If you want to search the entire database, do not select a category.

If you add multiple categories then the search will return items that are in one or more of the selected categories. This is specified by the dropdown Show items in any of the selected categories. However, if you change the dropdown to all so that the text reads Show items in all of the selected categories then the search will return only items that are in all of the selected categories.



Previewing Images


Previewing an image can be done by clicking on any of the image thumbnails.


  • Prev / Next: Click the preview and next buttons to scroll through all of the images previously shown as thumbnails, here within the preview window.


  • Download: Click the download button to download the image you are currently previewing. Please see the Downloading section for more details.


  • Add to Lightbox: Click the add to lightbox button to add this to the lightbox you currently have selected.


  • View Larger Size: Click the view larger size button to open the image in a larger preview window.


  • Caption Information: Displayed below the image is all the image caption information. This information will tell you all the Who, What, Where, Why, When information about image content and its properties.






Current Lightbox

The current lightbox function allows you to see all of the images you have added to your current lightbox selection and any previously saved lightboxes.


  • Lightbox: Use the pull-down menu to select which of your saved lightoxes to view.


  • Download All: Click the download all button to download all of the images in your lightbox. Please see the Downloading section for more details.


  • View Details: Click the view details button underneath the image thumbnail to see the image preview. Please see the Image Preview section for more details.


  • Remove: Click the remove button underneath the image thumbnail to remove the image from your lightbox selection.


Manage Lightboxes

The manage lightboxes function allows you to manage all of the saved lightbox selections you have made.


  • Up and Down: Click the up and down buttons to reorder your saved lightboxes with you list.


  • Rename: Click the rename button to rename a lightbox.


  • Delete: Click the delete button to delete a lightbox.


  • Share: Click the share button to share a lightbox with other users. You will be able to add users to your share list by clicking Add Users and then you can search for the users you wish to share the lightbox with by filling in the search fields.


  • Add a New Lightbox: Enter the name of a new lightbox you wish to create and then click Add. You will now have an empty lightbox for you to fill with the images you need.






All of the images in the library can be download individually in the Image Preview window or as a whole lightbox selection. There are various different sizes available that will suite your individual needs as a user.


Quick Download

The quick download function allows you to choose from four different image usages to download for and then within those usages you will be able to select the image file size you require.


  • Publication: This will download the maximum image file size, suitable for publications and other print materials. You can view the image file size in the Image Preview Window.


  • Website: This will download an image file suitable for web use. You can select which file size you need from the Size pull-down menu.


  • PowerPoint: This will download an image file suitable for PowerPoint use. You can select which file size you need from the Size pull-down menu.




Advanced Download

The advanced download function allows you to be more specific about the size, crop and format of the image you are downloading.


·         Convert: Here you can choose between JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats.


·         Crop: Here you can select the crop position and pixel size for how you wish to crop an image.


·         Resize: Here you can resize the image by adding the specific pixel size you need.